Saturday, 3 May 2014

How Public is a Court Marriage?

One of the primary concerns of people going for court marriage is to keep it a secret. The reason is that the spouses wish to disclose court marriages at suitable times to convince their families.

Legally speaking court marriage has spouses, at least 2 witnesses, Person contracting the marriage and Lawyer processing the documents.. Apart from them no one can leak information regarding the court marriage..

Another aspect is that the marriage is registered at a proper forum. That could be an arbitration council, union council, church, temple or any other forum. The contract of marriage is a public document.. A copy of this document is always submitted to that forum for record. Since its a public document, it can be seen or obtained by any person willing to have it.

The conclusion is that court marriages are public no matter how much they are concealed from public. The best is that people should never waste time once they did court marriage. It is wiser to make it public and live happily afterwards so that further complications don't arise.

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