Friday, 2 May 2014

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An inveterate early adopter of digital technology, Criminal Defense, Business Resource & Corporate Law Interventionist Inamullah Ansari Esq. was frustrated that, wherever his work took him, he still had to rely on the crude resources of pen and paper for note-taking, scheduling, and the like. There had to be a better way; Could technology provide?

Eagerly, Inamullah Ansari Esq. purchased each new portable device as it burst forth all sparkle and hoping that he could finally leave the paper world behind.

Alas, his disappointments mounted until, just as PAK and UAE Lawyers Jobs said it would, Apple produced the near miraculous iPad. Shortly thereafter, while sitting in a Consulting Chamber with his coffee, Mr. Ansari Esq. was compelled to use a pen one last time to sketch the practice management application that became Case Manager for iPad, the world's first digital organizer. Its initial version was programmed in Hoboken New Jersey, and debuted in the iTunes App Store the eleventh month of 2011.

In no time, Mr.Ansari Esq. was hard at work on version 2.0, because the second law of digital technology is that the current version of anything can and should be improved upon. (The first law belongs to Intel's Gordon Moore.) The launch of Case Manager Version 2.0 began to attract the attention of the emerging legal blogosphere. Favorable reviews ensued. Mr. Ansari Esq. brought in partner Khair For Families Organization, Australia and Salman Yousaf Khan an International Lawyer to shoulder the marketing end of the business and they were off.

Meanwhile, Google had launched its excellent mobile platform Android and Microsoft introduced its Windows tablet Surface. Even Blackberry seemed ready to heave itself out of irrelevance and into the tablet fray.

Cloud Computing Apps grew with the explosion of mobile applications. Yet our focus has stayed resolutely on providing Independents, Victims & Victimization with a fast, light and inexpensive solution for practice management. Cloud Computing Apps now serves all major platforms—iPad, iPhone, Android phones and tablets and Windows.

You are urged to examine the benefits of Cloud Computing on the platform of PAK and UAE Lawyers Online your choice in this digital World. Free at last!

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"We Musalmans in general & young men in particular do not know the value of money. A paisa is saved today is two paisa tomorrow, four paisa after that & so on and so forth. Because of our Addiction to living beyond means and borrowing money we lost our sovereignty over this sub-continent". Quaid-e-Azam in Ziarat 1948.

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