Thursday, 17 April 2014

Who is the best corporate lawyer in Islamabad?

It is best to hire the best corporate lawyer for handling corporate law issues. A best corporate lawyer is the one who knows A-Z of corporate law. Some of the services of a top corporate lawyer includes:-

- Company Incorporation
- Firm Registration
- Drafting of Contracts
- Proposal Writing
- NGO Registration
- Legal Opinion Making
- Corporate Correspondence
- Bid Making
- Handling Litigation
- Handling Appeals
- Dispute Settlement
- Arbitration
- Contracts, MOU, etc.
- Policy Making
- Rules Making
- TORs
- SOPs

 When it comes to Islamabad there is no better lawyer than Salman Yousaf Khan in the corporate world. He has exposure of International Courts as well as of Pakistani courts in dealing with corporate matters. He is bit expensive but worth paying for the legal services regarding all kinds of corporate matters. He can be contacted at

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