Sunday, 27 April 2014

Supreme Judicial Authorities in Finland are answerable to Parliament

There are two authorities in Finland which are supreme in the judicial circle. These include:-

- Chancellor of Justice
- Parliamentary Ombudsman

They are the supreme decision makers in the judicial system of Finland. The Chancellor of Justice is appointed for life while the Parliamentary Ombudsman is appointed for a period of 4 years. Both of these are liable to submit report to the Parliament every year.

The Chancellor of Justice is appointed by the President of country. He is a non voting member by nature. The Parliamentary Ombudsman is appointed by the Parliment on the other hand. Their functions are mostly concerned with the Governance of Legal System.

Both these authorities are very powerful when its about inquiring the Government Officials and taking them to task. The Chancellor of Justice is so powerful that he governs the advocates in the country also.

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