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Registration Form for Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan


The Chief Justice
and his Companion Judge of
the Supreme Court of Pakistan,

The petition of Mr./Mrs. ______________________ an
Advocate enrolled in the High Court of
________________ for enrollment as an
Advocate Supreme Court of Pakistan.
.......................................... Petitioner.


1. That your petitioner was enrolled as an Advocate
of______________ High Court on _____________, and that he
is still a practicing Advocate of the said High Court. A complete
bio-data containing all relevant information is attached
herewith. (If there was a break of more than a year in
continuity of active practice, please give particulars and

2. That your petitioner has conducted in the High Court
_____________ cases independently and _________________
cases as a junior lawyer. And that _____________ cases are
now pending in the High Court of both categories. Respective
lists are attached.

3. That it has been certified by the Chief Justice and Judges of the
High Court that your petitioner is a fit and proper person to
appear and plead as an Advocate before the Supreme Court.

4. That your petitioner has been issued a certificate by the
Pakistan Bar Council to appear and plead as an Advocate before
the Supreme Court. (if the application is being submitted more
than six months after the grant of certificate by the Pakistan Bar
Council please give reason).

5. That your petitioner satisfies all the conditions laid down by this
Court is respect of the persons entitled to appear and plead
before the Court.

6. That other particulars of your petitioners are as under:-

(a) Whether the applicant has been in the
service of a Government or of a
statutory Corporation or any other
persons or otherwise worked for gain, if
so, give particulars including the date of
joining and leaving the service and the
reasons for going out of service along
with the Certificate of the employer

(b) whether any disciplinary action was ever
taken against him during the tenure of
his service and the results thereof along
with the Certificate of the
employer ________________________


(c) whether any criminal case was
registered against the applicant during
the tenure of his service, if so, the result
thereof along with a certified copy of the
order ____________________________

(d) whether the applicant has ever been
convicted of any offence, if so, give date
and particulars with particulars
also the appeal, revision
etc _____________________________

(e) whether the applicant has ever appeared
in any case before the Supreme Court, if
so, give complete details of
cases ___________________________

(f) Whether any earlier application
for enrolment of the applicant was
rejected by the Pakistan
Ba Council or the Supreme
Court ___________________________

7. The requirement and conditions in accordance with the
instructions printed on the back page of this Form have been

8. I hereby verify that the contents hereof are true to the best of
my knowledge and belief.

9. Your petitioner, therefore, prays that he may be allowed to the
sign the Roll of Advocates of the Supreme Court.

Signed this the ________day of ____________two thousand and


This application form should be accompanied by the following
information/documents: -


Sr.No. in the Roll of Advocates maintained by the Supreme Court. _________

i. Name_______________________________________________

ii. Father’s/Husband’s Name ______________________________

iii. Date of Birth_________________________________________

iv. National Identity Card No.
 (i) - - (ii) - -
 (Issued by NADRA)
v. Office Address __________________________ Phone ____________

vi. Residential Address ______________________ Phone ____________

vii. E-mail _________________________________ Fax ______________
viii. *Date of approval for singing the Roll of Advocates________________

ix. *Date of signing the Roll of Advocate in the Supreme Court_________

x. If a member of the Supreme Court Bar Association, please indicate___

xi. Date of enrollment as an Advocate of High Court_______ Practice
License No. __________

xii. If a member of any High Court Bar Association, please
indicate ________

xiii. If a member of the Provincial Bar Council please

xiv. Date of enrolment as an Advocate of District Court _______Practice
License No.________

xv. If a member of any District Bar Association, please

xvi. Practice License No.___________ issued by Bar Council____________

2. A recent passport size photograph of the applicant attested by
the President/Secretary of his Bar Association of Member of a
Bar Council.

3. An attested copy of the certificate from the High Court as to
applicant’s being fit and proper person to appear and plead as
an Advocate of the Supreme Court.

4. An affidavit stating that the contents of the application are true
and correct and that the applicant is eligible and not disqualified
in any manner, for enrolment and to practice as an Advocate of
the Supreme Court and that neither he was found guilty of
professional or other misconduct nor any such case was
instituted before any Bar Council or a Court/Authority. If
otherwise, give particulars.

5. A list of cases of the applicant in the High Court in accordance
with requirement of para 2 of the Form.

6. Original certificate of Pakistan Bar Council together with a
Photostat copy thereof attested by the Secretary Pakistan Bar

*To be filled in by the office of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

N.B:- the applicant should pay the Roll signing fee of Rs.1000/- into a
treasury or any Branch of the State Bank of Pakistan for credit to
following central Head of Account and sent the original receipt Bank
C-02600-Law and Order Receipts
C-02606 Receipt of The Supreme Court of Pakistan

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