Sunday, 27 April 2014

Finland has a very diverse legal system

According to the constitution of Finland every citizen has the right to be heard in the courts of law. Finland is following a very diverse kind of legal system which is delivering justice to its citizens to a great extent. The reason is that it involves the two main kinds of courts. These are:-

- General Courts
- Administrative Courts

The General Courts deal with traditional litigation while the administrative courts are very much into the administrative litigation. This modern system was enacted in the Constitution Act of 1919. However, the basis of this system started in the 17th Century way before the Swedish rule.. In the 18th and 19th century the administrative courts were emerged.

Presently there are two divisions of Senate of Finland when it comes to the legal system. One division deals with the Supreme Court which is governed by the Department of Justice. The other division deals with the Supreme Administrative Court which is governed by the Finance Department of Senate.

The basic courts in the country are the district courts.. Similarly there are courts of appeals and the Supreme Court of Finland.

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