Monday, 28 April 2014

Can a Lawyer Plead Cases Internationally?

A straight forward answer to this question is 'no'. The reason is that there are different authorities issuing licenses to lawyers around the world. Similarly the lawyers allowed to practice in one state are not allowed to practice in another. In countries like USA and Canada, the lawyers are not allowed to work in the other States than the ones they are licensed to appear.

An aspect is that the laws are different in different countries. There are millions of statutes around the world. It is almost impossible for a lawyer to understand all the legal procedures around the world. However, a genius lawyer can win his case anywhere around the world by doing some homework.

One of the ways by which a lawyer can appear internationally is Power of Attorney. Power of Attorney is an internationally accepted document in the legal world. An attorney becomes the principal by the virtue of this document. He/She can appear and plead cases on behalf of principal in person at many forums around the world.

Our lawyers also practice this way. We get power of attorneys signed and attested on behalf of our clients when we have to represent them at certain forums. If you are interested in hiring our attorneys do contact us with your case details at

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