Sunday, 9 March 2014

What is Visa Appeal?

One of the principles of almost all the courts in the world is that they have a forum of appeal when a case is first decided. The same is the matter with immigration authorities. Whenever a person wishes to travel from one country to another, he/she has to apply for a visa. That process is known as filing visa application. The visa application is usually filed at the Embassy or Foreign Mission as the term used for Embassy in many countries.

There is a visa officer in charge for accepting and rejecting visa applications. He always examines the application documents and comes up with a decision. If that decision is in favor of the applicant, the visa is granted. However, if the decision is against the applicant, the only remedy available against such decision is visa appeal.

What is the time period for Visa Appeal?

The time period for visa appeal is usually one month or less. In some countries it is 2 weeks. Mostly in the Gulf and Arab world it is like that. In some countries the time period for visa appeal is 3 weeks. It is mostly like that in the European Countries. However, generally speaking most countries in the world allow 30 days time period for filing visa appeal. Decisions in visa appeal come up within few days. The applicants either get the visas or they get rejected.

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