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An International Law Firm
“We serve by giving legal services and legal awareness”

Organizational Profile

International lawyer is an organization offering legal services and legal awareness globally. It is a unique kind of organization in this context. It was founded originally in 2009 under a different name. However, it has been renamed in 2013 as International Lawyer when its website is launched. At the website of this organization there are over 400,000 visitors till now.

The organization believes in giving. For the same reasons there are bare acts, judgments, principles of law, articles, reports and other legal content freely available on the website of this organization. We charge nothing for giving awareness to a level which we pass by. However for all new research work we charge a nominal fee from our customers. We keep all the information and services offered to our clients confidential in line with the international confidential and legal practitioner laws.
We only share propositions on our website which are not the property of anyone other than the public at large. Moreover we are dealing in different niches of law. These include corporate law, banking law, employment law, labor law, contract law, constitutional law, evidence law, civil law, criminal law, family law, drug law, consumer law etc. We are also working on the concepts of Alternate Dispute Resolution, Arbitration and Right to Information.

Legal Services
We offer the following services to Companies, Firms, NGO's, NPO's, Societies, SMC's, MNE's and all other kinds of business/non-business entities at nominal prices..

• Company, Firm, NGO, Foundation, Trust Registration
• Retainership Services
• Legal Advisories
• Legal Consultations
• General Litigation (Up to all Pakistan High Courts)
• Drafting Services
• Legal Opinions
• Legal Notices
• Organization Profile Making
• Proposal Writing
• Report Writing
• Monitoring & Evaluations
• Manuals Making
• Policies Writing
• SOPs
• Recruitment and Interviewing with reports
• Procurement
• Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc)-
• Business development (Feasibility Reports & Surveys)
• News letters
• Trainings
• MOU Making
• Joint Venture(JV) Making
• Arranging Meetings
• Representative Meetings
• Partnership Making
• Research Work
• Photography and Video making.
• Documentary Making
• Event Arrangement
• Work Force Management
• Website Development

For queries and hiring one or more services contact We also offer service packages to organizations of various sizes to make a perfect working relationship with them.

We are running the following projects in coalition with other organizations. We deal with the legal side of these projects.
Right to Information
Right to Information is a global concept which believes in the provision of information of public importance as a right to individuals. It is a fundamental right according to the provisions of Article 19-A of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. We have written various abstracts for social sector organizations related with this concept. Our team has also attended series of workshops and seminars on the promotion of this concept. Our coalition partners in this project are Journey for Life (JFL NGO), Humanity Assistance and Relief Trust (HART), The Pleaders (NGO).
Alternate Dispute Resolution
Alternate Dispute Resolution or ADR is one of the most liked concepts in the corporate world. It believes that the matters between the parties shall be settled outside the courts through arbitration and other means. That way time, effort and money of the litigating parties has been saved to a great extent. We offer our international arbitration services to help our customers in the implementation of this concept.
Legal Awareness Project
It is a project which believes in giving legal awareness to all seeking legal knowledge. We have published many major statutes, legal reports, judgments, legal articles and principles of law on our website. Apart from that we also arrange trainings on various topics of law in this project.
Promote Pakistan Project
It is a project to promote entrepreneurship in Pakistan. This project is actually a project of The Pleaders (NGO). However we are a coalition partner in this along with many other organizations to promote the concept of entrepreneurship in Pakistan. We also deal with the legal aspects of this project.
Green Pakistan Project
It is a project lead by Nexton Group of Companies. It is related with solar energy solutions to all areas of Pakistan. Some important installations have been made in various parts of Pakistan in recent years under the umbrella of this project. We deal with the legal aspects of this project.
Previous Work

In recent years we have pleaded and given consultations in number of cases related with Criminal law, Civil law, Corporate Law, Family Law, Guardian Law, Banking Law, Employment Law and so on. Some of those were:-
Case Title
Name of Court
Mst. Sumera Versus Airblue
Ameer Mukhtar Gondal, Civil Judge, Islamabad (2010)
Suit for Damages (Airblue Flight Crash Islamabad Margalla Hills Compensation Case)

Micheal John Versus The State 
Muhammad Amir Munir Mughal, Judicial Megistrate, Islamabad (2010)
Custody of Vehicle (Superdari Petition)
Syed Abu ul Hasan Versus The State 
Rai Muhammad Khan, Judicial Megistrate, Rawalpindi (2011)
Bail Petition (392, 411, 420, 468, 471 PPC)
Muhammad Ramadan Versus The State
Rai Muhammad Khan, Judicial Megistrate, Rawalpindi (2011)
Bail Petition (392, 411, 420, 468, 471 PPC)
Ijaz Versus SHO Secretariat 
Riffat Sultan Sheikh, Additional Session Judge, Islamabad (2011)
22-A Petition
Malik Muhammad Qasim Versus SHO Golra 
Raja Jawad, Session Judge, Islamabad, 2012
22-A Petition 
Sumera Naveed Vs. Public At Large
Muhammad Aslam Gondal, Senior Civil Judge, Islamabad (2011)
Guardianship Petition
Sumera Naveed Vs. Public At Large
Wajid Hussain Mughal Civil Judge, Islamabad (2010)
Succession Certificate
Muhammad Nafees Vs. Babar Awan
Kamran Basharat Mufti, Civil Judge, Islamabad, 2010
Suit for Recovery of Money
Raja Kamran Altaf V. Habib Bank Limited 
Akmal Khan, Additional Session Judge, Islamabad (2010)
Consumer Court Case, Islamabad
State Versus Syed Abul Hasan etc.
Ismael Tasleem Akhtar, Megistrate Section 30, Rawalpindi, 2011
Criminal Trial (Bank Dacoity Case Dubai Islamic Bank, Murree Road, Rawalpindi)
State Versus M. Ramadan 
Ismael Tasleem Akhtar, Megistrate Section 30, Rawalpindi, 2011
(Criminal Trial)
Abdul Hannan V. Public At Large 
Raja Farrukh Ali Khan, Civil Judge, Islamabad
Suit for Declaration for Bank Locker
Abdul Hannan V. Public at Large
Samia Asad, Civil Judge, Islamabad
Succession Certificate Matter
Tahir Aziz Versus The State
Ayesha Shabbir, Judicial Megistrate, Islamabad (2013)
Bail Petition 489-F
M. Raees V. House Building Finance Corporation 
Banking Court, Rawalpindi
Stay Order against HBFC auctioning a house in Rawalpindi.
Umair Khan Khattak V. Pakistan Tobacco Company 
Rai Liaquat Ali Kharal, Civil Judge, Islamabad (2012)
Employment Law Case
Raja Zeeshan V. Asma Zeeshan 
Inaamullah, Family Judge, Islamabad
Child Custody Petition
Asma Saleem V. Raja Zeeshan 
Inaamullah, Family Judge, Islamabad
Suit for Dessolution of Marriage

There are lots of others but we are not mentioning as not permitted by our clients..
Profile of Founder

Advocate High Court
Ex- Candidate Member National Assembly, NA-48, Islamabad
CEO The Pleaders
CEO Humanity Assistance & Relief Trust

Salman Yousaf Khan is a practicing High Court Lawyer, Social Worker and a Politician from Islamabad, Pakistan.

Legal Experience
Salman Yousaf Khan is practicing the legal profession since 2009. He has experience of appearing in different courts of Pakistan in different cities in variety of cases. In recent years he has dealt with civil cases, family cases, guardian cases, criminal cases, corporate cases, employment cases, consumer cases, banking cases and so on. He also passed exam and interview of Civil Judge cum Judicial Magistrate conducted by Islamabad High Court in 2012. However, he was not allocated the post because of safarish system.

Social Work Experience
Salman Yousaf Khan is member of Youth Parliament of Pakistan since 2009. He is Founder & CEO of Humanity Assistance & Relief Trust (HART). He founded this organization in 2012. He is also Founder & CEO of ‘The Pleaders’ which is an organization working on legal awareness and human rights. He is founder of Promote Pakistan Project and Coalition to Promote Pakistan Project. He has been very active on the implementation of Article 19-A in coalition with some NGOs. Similarly he has been very vocal on the local government system and its implementation in Islamabad in coalition with some NGOs. In 2011 he was part of Seed Pakistan which was a ngo headed by Laila Zuberi. He arranged several events under that organization as a team member.

Political Experience

Salman Yousaf Khan contested General Elections for the post of Member National Assembly (MNA) in Pakistan on May 11, 2013 as the youngest candidate of NA-48 Islamabad. During his campaign he addressed several corner meetings in the constituency. He is still very active in his constituency and constantly meeting people in political circles to make grounds for next elections.


We offer legal services in shape of Retainership contracts to our customers. In a retainership the employer can hire us for a certain period of time depending upon the provisions of the agreement. There is usually a monthly retainership fee which the customer has to pay. In return we offer all kinds of legal assistance and legal backing to our customer in his/her legal matters. We offer retainerships in Pakistan locally as well as international retairnerships to international customers. We also ensure online and real time support to our customers.

In our professional retainership services we also offer special attendance other than normal attendance from one of our attorneys in times of need to our customers. Similarly for outstation traveling for dealing in any kind of litigation, we provide attorneys and support staff. The customer only has to provide logistic support where possible are required. We are very much flexible in negotiating on terms with our customers before signing retainership agreements so that there is no ambiguity at later stages. We work like a team with our customers. We stand with them and support them to a level beyond the written agreement at times. For availing our retainership please feel free to contact us at your convenience.


Salman Yousaf Khan
Advocate High Court
Founder and Chairperson
International Lawyer

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