Tuesday, 28 January 2014

How to Register a Single Member Company?

A single member company is the one which has only one director. He is all in all handling the operations of the organization. He can hire and fire anyone and he can make rules for the appointment of various employees in the company being a director.

In Pakistan a single member company is a private limited company which is registered under The Companies Ordinance, 1984. The process of registration usually takes 15 to 30 days time unless there is any objection regarding the registration documents of the company.

For the registration the following are the requirements:-

1. One Director
2. One Nominee of the Director
3. One Alternate Nominee.
4. One Legal Representative to process the incorporation documents.
5. Copies of CNIC of all above mentioned persons.
6. Office at a commercial area in Islamabad.
7. Fee as per the share capital of the company.

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