Monday, 9 September 2013

A vacuum of Jobs that should be filled by Lawyers

I am writing this article in good faith after almost 5 years of legal practice in the Pakistan's Capital city Islamabad. I have seen hundreds of law graduates leaving the field of law because of not having adequate opportunities to work and establish themselves in any of the niches of Law. The reason is that there is no intention of Government to make any proper system in any profession.

What happens is that many law graduates face terrible times in their initial years practicing as junior lawyers. They dont get chances to learn and earn both. On the other hand it is also dilemma that there are places where there is a dire need of law graduates but they are not hired. Instead non professionals having no knowledge of law are hired on personal likeness bases. That ultimately result in the injustice and frustrations among people getting injustice from the courts and forums meant to provide justice.

Arbitration Counsels and Union Counsels around Pakistan are headed by chairpersons empowered to perform judicial proceedings. A fact is that most of the Chairpersons in Arbitration and Union Counsels dont understand the basic things about law. The reason is that they do not hold Law Degree and they dont have understanding of interpreting the statutes. However they generally perform duties for years and serve injustice to people during their professional job careers.

The chairman Arbitration Counsels and Union Counsels should be law graduates. Similarly there is no harm in hiring law graduates as their sub ordinate staff for conducting judicial proceedings especially when the Chairman is an Ex-officio chairman for any reasons.

Similar is the case with many other departments where Quosi Judicial and Judicial proceedings are conducted by non law graduates. Law Graduates should be given preferences over them for the proper dispensation of justice. For comments and suggestions feel free to write me at

Salman Yousaf Khan (Golra)
Advocate High Court

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