Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Status of Possession by wife or servant

When a person is not physically in possession of a property due to any reasons for any particular time period the possession of the same by his wife, servant or clerk will considered to be his own possession. This principle is very just and it is clearly mentioned in many law books. The content of one of the provisions of law in this regard is present in section 27 of Pakistan Penal Code 1860. It is reproduced here for your kind perusal.

27.Property in possession of wife, clerk or servant.
When property is in the possession of a person's wife, clerk or servant, on account of that person, it is in that person's possession within the meaning of this Code.

Explanation: A person employed temporarily on a particular occasion in the capacity of a clerk, or servant, is a clerk or servant within the meaning of this section.

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