Monday, 6 August 2012

Public Interest Litigation by Supreme Court

Any person can file petition directly to the supreme court of Pakistan for any matter related with public interest under article 184(3) of the constitution of Islamic Republic of Pakistan. The same article empowers the supreme court to take suo moto action on any matter of public interest.

 Citation Name  : 2012  SCMR  455     SUPREME-COURT
  Side Appellant : Dr. AKHTAR HASSAN KHAN

Arts. 184(3) & 199---public interest litigation ---Scope---Frivolous petitions which are neither of publicimportance nor relatable to enforcement of a fundamental right or public duty---public interest litigation is a weapon which has to be used with great care and circumspection and the judiciary has to be extremely careful to see that behind the veil of public interest a private malice, vested interest and/or public ity seeking is not lurking---public interest litigation should be aimed at redressal of genuine public wrong orpublic injury and not public ity oriented cases or those founded on personal vendetta---Court must be careful to see that a body of persons or member of public , who approaches the court is acting bona fide and not for personal gain or private motive or political motivation or other oblique consideration---Such petitions deserve to be rejected at the threshold, and, in appropriate cases with exemplary costs. 

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