Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Query Related to child custody

Q. I did conjugal rights case for my wife 2 pretrials took place .The decree has come in my favour in which the judge has directed my wife to live with me as my legally wedded wife. In November my son will be 2 years old InshaAllah and I will be doing child custody case my wife she is uneducated and she suffers from an eye disease retinitis pigmentosa( Shab Khori) I have got all the medical reports. What will happen will i win the child custody? I havent given divorce to my wife will the conjugal rights decree give me any help during child custody case?

Ans. Welfare of child is of primary importance.. However child under the tender age normally goes to the mother unless she is ineligible for custody of child for any reasons. Being a judgment debtor in a case of restitution of conjugal rights do not make a wife ineligible for child custody. However that can be one ground to make your case stronger.. Also make an offer in the court for the settlement of your wife with you. That will also make the case stronger. Hope you will succeed in the best interest of your child.. For more do consult me at legal-experts@live.com

Salman Khan Golra
Advocate High Court

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  1. Thanks for the information. But now I am obsessed with my child's disease. He's having energy level problem and postural stability problem as well. Reports said, it's Parkinson.Sitting at home,he's taking parkinson's disease treatment and it's improving too. Pray for him!


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